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Why do companies choose WooCommerce? Because it’s flexible, convenient, and easy to use. It blends fully customizable eCommerce capabilities with the ease of a WordPress website. Need enhanced functionality? WooCommerce has that covered too. With the our WooCommerce development services you’ll be able to scale your business consistently and quickly achieve your revenue goals. 

Our WooCommerce Development Services

Custom WooCommerce Design & Development
Custom WooCommerce Design & Development
Our team has deep expertise in custom WooCommerce development, building stores that achieve maximum revenue growth from the first day live. But we're more than a WooCommerce development company, we offer a full suite of digital marketing solutions specifically designed to grow eCommerce businesses.
Migration to WooCommerce
Migration to WooCommerce
Are you having trouble managing your inventory and daily operations with an outdated, clunky eCommerce platform? Interested in the simplicity and flexibility of WooCommerce? We have more than a decade of experience in platform migration and will seamlessly migrate your existing eCommerce website while ensuring your revenue goals stay on target.
Advanced WooCommerce Customizations
Advanced WooCommerce Customizations
WooCommerce plugins offer powerful capabilities right out of the box, but if your store requires even greater functionality, it's time to explore Woo's expanded customization options. Our team will suggest a plan to customize your eCommerce store to achieve the needed flexibility.
Powerful SEO Tools for WooCommerce
Powerful SEO Tools for WooCommerce
Our high-performance WooCommerce web design and development projects are built on the SEO-friendly structure WooCommerce is known for. We'll ensure that your business leverages this SEO-robust platform to its full potential, maximizing your rankings on Google and other search engines to grow your business revenue.
Do you know how much revenue you

Do you know how much revenue you're losing?

Catapult Revenue is more than just a WooCommerce development company. We offer a full suite of digital marketing solutions but, more than that, we truly take the time to learn about your business. The first step in the process is to assess your current digital footprint and see how your website is truly performing with a full marketing audit. We’ll uncover missed digital marketing opportunities and provide growth strategy to ramp up revenue.

Get a Complimentary Marketing Audit

Diverse Industries.
Common Challenges.

Our specialized eCommerce agency works with a wide array of eCommerce businesses and have helped tackle the very same challenges you face today. Take a closer look at some of our latest projects.

Europa Eyewear

Well established maker and retailer of fashionable, attainable eyewear takes market by storm with award-winning eCommerce web design.

A high-performance, fully optimized eCommerce site that serves as the backbone for order placement and management by more than 1,000 distributors across U.S.
Luxurious yet approachable site with enhanced User Experience (UX) features
Seamlessly supports large inventory order placing as well as eCommerce processing
Enhanced User Experience (UX) that streamlines the online transaction process
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Europa Eyewear


World renowned manufacturer of luxury outerwear entrusts its eCommerce website to Catapult Revenue.

A fresh, high-cache eCommerce website that maximizes revenue
A focus on enhanced User Experience (UX)
Shoppers enjoy a new and better way to engage the Marmot brand
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Blackhawk Supply

Supplier of high-caliber HVAC and control systems reaps an astounding increase in revenue with full eCommerce website redesign and digital marketing campaign

40%+ increase in revenue YOY
42% improvement in conversion rate
210% increase in targeted traffic from SEO
23% decrease in cost per sale
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Blackhawk Supply

American Tent

Manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, custom tents realizes full eCommerce potential with Catapult Revenue design and content marketing solutions.

110% increase in targeted traffic from SEO
25% Improvement in conversion rate
20% Improved cost per lead from PPC
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American Tent
Why Choose Catapult Revenue as Your Partner

Why Choose Catapult Revenue as Your Partner

  • Catapult Revenue is a full service eCommerce web development and digital marketing firm that meets all of your WooCommerce custom web design and digital marketing needs right here in-house.  Catapult Revenue is a full service eCommerce web development and digital marketing firm that meets all of your WooCommerce custom web design and digital marketing needs right here in-house.
  • Our WooCommerce websites achieve stellar Return on Investment. Our WooCommerce websites achieve stellar Return on Investment.
  • Our clients entrust us, year after year and we deliver on their revenue goals.  Just view our testimonials! Our clients entrust us, year after year and we deliver on their revenue goals. Just view our testimonials!
  • Our award-winning agency is your partner in eCommerce Our award-winning agency is your partner in eCommerce


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using WooCommerce eCommerce platform?

Each eCommerce platform offers different strengths to its users. WooCommerce is unique in that its open-source architecture allows scalability. in a user-friendly format. It has low maintenance costs and lots of tools and plugins to choose from. Other out-of-the-box benefits include robust security and a platform that is SEO-optimized.

Do I need a professional WooCommerce development company to set up my store?

Even if you don’t have much technical knowledge, you will likely still be able to set up a basic WooCommerce store. But, it would take a substantially longer period of time to achieve results than an expert team like ours can deliver. When you hire an expert WooCommerce development company, you’re hiring a team that has combined experience in development, design, copywriting, PPC and advertising, SEO, content, and more. This approach ensures faster revenue growth and higher ROI.

Do you design custom websites or use WooCommerce templates?

All of our websites are custom-designed as this allows us to achieve the best results for our clients. Creating a website that is built to meet your unique brand identity, implements all of the featured elements and functionality you require, and is based on your specific growth objectives, is the surest bet to achieving success.

Is SEO service included in the cost of website development?

Your WooCommerce store will be optimized with foundational SEO but this only takes a business so far. Often, an ongoing monthly SEO campaign is required to remain competitive and achieve higher levels of inbound traffic and revenue growth. Our marketing experts will be happy to provide a complimentary assessment of your website and will prepare an SEO strategy for your website to dominate on all search engines. Please reach out to us for a full marketing audit – we’d love to help!

How long does it take to develop a WooCommerce store?

Everything comes down to the complexity of your store, the number of customizations and kind of functionality needed, and how fast you and your team can work with us to provide the information required to populate your site. Typically, our WooCommerce sites can range anywhere between 1-4+ months depending on those factors.

Can you maintain existing WooCommerce site?

Absolutely! We can maintain your existing WooCommerce store and offer maintenance packages that ensure your site is continually updated for as long as you need it. Please reach out to us and we’ll walk you through your options!

How Much Does a Custom WooCommerce Website Cost?

Your website is the driving engine of your eCommerce store and must function at optimal levels at all times. Even something as seemingly innocuous as poor loading speeds can cost you customers and revenue. In fact, many of our clients initially came to us to address problems with an existing website another firm had designed for them.

We love WooCommerce for its flexibility and rich features, but we know that professional web development is needed for this powerful tool to work properly. WooCommerce websites don’t have one set price, as each business is unique. Your project’s size, the level of technical features that might be needed, as well as the size of your inventory will all play a factor in the final cost of your WooCommerce website. On average, however, sites tend to start around $12,000 and for more robust projects, can exceed three times that amount.

What do you need help with?

What do you need help with?

Have a specific website or marketing issue? Not sure where to start? Contact our specialists. We know we can help.

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