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Web Design and Development

A High-Performance Website Is Your Best Revenue-Generating Tool. Start today with eCommerce design agency!

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How to Empower Your Business with eCommerce development agency?
How to Empower Your Business with eCommerce development agency?

How to Empower Your Business with eCommerce development agency?

We’re an eCommerce website development agency specializing in designing and developing high-performance websites built for sales. Each company is unique and we take your individual goals into account to create a high-powered tool that maximizes your ROI. The development of the website is a start for your successful eCommerce business.

Our fast, engaging, high-performance B2B and B2C eCommerce websites can host 10 products or 10,000 products. What’s more, they streamline your sales processes and enhance the user experience, increasing customer retention, and conversion rates.

Powerful eCommerce Development Services with The Best Platforms

Which platform is best for creating an eCommerce website? Our team has deep expertise in the best eCommerce platforms available today and, after analyzing your unique business metrics and revenue goals, we'll guide you through selecting the right one to meet your needs. The platforms eCommerce web design company work with daily include:
A powerful tool with enhanced capabilities for all types and sizes of e-stores.
A powerful tool with enhanced capabilities for all types and sizes of e-stores.
Uniquely suited to businesses that require custom integrations and work flows.
Uniquely suited to businesses that require custom integrations and work flows.
Enjoy the ease of WordPress oper source platform with robust sales functionality.
Enjoy the ease of WordPress oper source platform with robust sales functionality.

Our Web Design and Development Capabilities

eCommerce Redesign
eCommerce Redesign
Have you been running a successful online store that just became outdated and needs an e-commerce redesign? We will create an engaging, high-performance website with enhanced user experience using robust eCommerce web page development expertise.
eCommerce Platform Migration
eCommerce Platform Migration
Is your eCommerce platform not providing enough flexibility? Based on your requirements we'll help select the proper platform and complete the migration process to Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce.
Set-up new eCommerce website
Set-up new eCommerce website
How long does it take to build an eCommerce website? Starting a new store or looking to add e-commerce capabilities to an existing business? Our e-commerce website development services leverage the best strategies and tools to create a store that meets your unique needs and goals.
eCommerce Conversion Optimization
eCommerce Conversion Optimization
Maximizing conversions allows online stores to increase their revenue. Our talented team of e-commerce business development specialists finds and implements opportunities within your online store to increase valuable conversions.

Diverse Industries.
Common Challenges.

eCommerce businesses come in all sectors, shapes, and sizes, but no matter what your website is selling, the basic needs of eCommerce remain the same. Your website is your store and if there is even the slightest glitch in your site, you will lose business. If your website doesn't load quickly or allow for easy sales processing or inventory browsing if it doesn't offer easy to access customer service features and more, you can lose business. This is why it's so crucial to retain a web development and digital marketing agency with deep expertise in the eCommerce sector. We have helped eCommerce companies of all walks -- from mega clothing brands and gourmet food shops to industrial suppliers and beyond. Please visit our case studies section to learn more about the many different types of eCommerce companies we've helped grow. We understood their challenges and helped them grow, and we can do the same for your business.

Europa Eyewear

Well established maker and retailer of fashionable, attainable eyewear takes market by storm with award-winning eCommerce web design.

A high-performance, fully optimized eCommerce site that serves as the backbone for order placement and management by more than 1,000 distributors across U.S.
Luxurious yet approachable site with enhanced User Experience (UX) features
Seamlessly supports large inventory order placing as well as eCommerce processing
Enhanced User Experience (UX) that streamlines the online transaction process
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Europa Eyewear


World renowned manufacturer of luxury outerwear entrusts its eCommerce website to Catapult Revenue.

A fresh, high-cache eCommerce website that maximizes revenue
A focus on enhanced User Experience (UX)
Shoppers enjoy a new and better way to engage the Marmot brand
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Blackhawk Supply

Supplier of high-caliber HVAC and control systems reaps an astounding increase in revenue with full eCommerce website redesign and digital marketing campaign

40%+ increase in revenue YOY
42% improvement in conversion rate
210% increase in targeted traffic from SEO
23% decrease in cost per sale
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Blackhawk Supply

American Tent

Manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, custom tents realizes full eCommerce potential with Catapult Revenue design and content marketing solutions.

110% increase in targeted traffic from SEO
25% Improvement in conversion rate
20% Improved cost per lead from PPC
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American Tent

We follow eCommerce design and development trends building every store

Mobile Friendly Websites
All of our eCommerce sites are optimized for all devices and render beautifully on desktops, laptops, mobile, and tablet devices.
eCommerce store Optimized for Search Engines
Leveraging the latest SEO best practices, your e-commerce website is designed to be easily found on Google and other search engines.
Speed-Tested eCommerce store
Your search ranking depends on your website speed, which is why we take great pains to ensure your eCommerce website is lightning fast.
Optimized for Conversions
Your website is, first and foremost, a tool to facilitate sales and build revenue. We build your site expressly for this purpose.
Backed by Data & Research
Your website strategy is not left to guess-work. Our team conducts extensive market and competitive research to build your site based on essential data that drive results.
Built With World-Class Tools
Our eCommerce web design agency uses the best tools. From Crazy Frog and Google Analytics to HubSpot and more, we leverage only the best tools on the market to build a site that is robust and technologically superior.
As a result, website traffic has increased, and sales went up 40%.

Comrade Web Agency [Catapult Revenue] redesigned our outdated e-Commerce website. Their account team was very approachable and willing to go above and beyond. As a result, website traffic has increased, and sales went up 40%. Their marketing team seemed truly interested in delivering results, which was what I found so appealing about them in the first place. Comrade truly has their customer’s best interests in mind, and they want to add value.

Why Choose Catapult Revenue as Your Web-Development Company

Why Choose Catapult Revenue as Your Web-Development Company

  • item Our world-class team comprises experts in technology, business, marketing, copyrwiting, design and other creative capacities.
  • item We take the time to analyze your business and industry data to forecast whether our services will truly help you grow.
  • item We have a proven track-record delivering tremendous results with inbound marketing.
  • item Our services are cost-effective. Ultimately we ensure that your web design and/or marketing spend is more than offset by the increased revenue our team will deliver.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of experience does your team have?

Catapult Revenue has 30+ full time team members experienced in technical, creative and business disciplines. Our parent company, Comrade Digital Marketing, has been operating for more than a decade and has helped hundreds of clients across 57 industries and counting. Please check out our portfolio for some of the highlights!

What are the different eCommerce platforms?

Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify are our clients favorite e-commerce platforms and for good reason. They are efficient, integrate seemlessly, and each offer their own unique capabilities. Contact us to learn more about which one is best for your e-commerce business.

Can you develop an eCommerce website with custom functionality?

Yes, our highly experienced web developers use PHP-framework Laravel (for the backend) and frontend frameworks like Vue.js, React for highly complex websites that require a custom functionality not provided by one of e-Commerce platforms.

Do you work with B2B and B2C companies?

Absolutely. Of course most e-commerce businesses serve consumers directly, but we also work with companies that sell directly to other businesses as well. We have proven track records in both sectors. Again, our portfolio provides compelling case studies with both B2B and B2C projects.

Can I hire a freelancer for eCommerce website development?

Often, when you need to build a new website and funds are limited hiring a freelancer seems like a cost-effective option. But it never works out that way in the long-run. The process of building a truly high-performance e-commerce website requires experience in more than just design, but development and other technological specialties as well. By working with a skilled agency, you benefit from an entire team working on YOUR website, not just one person with a limited skill or tool-set. Also bear in mind that, even with an entire team a quality e-commerce website takes several months to complete. Working with a single freelancer leaves you vulnerable to delays, quality control issues, and often, a product that underperforms.

Can you maintain existing sites?

Absolutely. We offer maintantance packages to update and maintain your website for as long as you need. Just asks us about your options during your assessment.


Generally, the cost of the website falls in the range of $10,000 – $50,000+. The actual cost will depend based on details, such as required functionality and complexity of it, amount of products, any 3rd party tools that need to be integrated.

In this article, we addressed how much a business should pay for a high-performance e-commerce website design.

Need Help With Your eCommerce Site?

Need Help With Your eCommerce Site?

Building a new high-performance website? Need a redesign or facelift? Tell us what you’re working on.
We are sure we can help.

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