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Why Your eCommerce Isn’t Selling – 7 Things to Fix Today!

Why Your eCommerce Isn’t Selling – 7 Things to Fix Today!

No sales of eCommerce stores can mean a lot of things. For companies offering quality products and services, it typically means your marketing and sales efforts are not hitting the mark. That’s something we, as marketers, see often.

The most typical motive why your eCommerce website isn’t selling:

  • You don’t have a strategy for digital marketing channels
  • Low percent of organic traffic
  • Your eCommerce store doesn’t target the right audience
  • A product that you sell isn’t needed by customers

Sales Mean So Much

Sales don’t just mean short-term profit, but also improve your brand, your brand visibility, and your website’s reach. Improving sales is very much the keystone to a successful business and brand.

Often at this juncture, eCommerce businesses will seek professional assistance in online marketing, website building, and digital strategy that turns their eCommerce project around. Here at Catapult Revenue, we focus on the following seven factors to increase eCommerce sales. And you need to focus on them, too!

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy is the first thing to consider if you’re asking yourself why your eCommerce store doesn’t sell. We build digital marketing strategies from the ground up, focusing on your strengths and appealing to the right audience through the right means.

Importance of Organic Traffic

Low traffic means low sales. While high traffic doesn’t always mean high sales, it certainly increases chances. Your website needs to be easily accessible, which also falls under the digital marketing strategy. Search engine optimization forms a huge part of this, and experts in SEO can solve this for you.



If your eCommerce doesn’t sell, you also need to think about your audience. Google Analytics can help with this, and you should adapt accordingly. Check your site is attracting the right kind of customers, and make changes if it isn’t.

Marketing Channels

The channels through which you market also dictate your sales. Using marketing channels that are better with younger buyers when selling a product aimed at older people, for instance, won’t help.


Is your product up to scratch, does it offer something new, or is it priced correctly? If your marketing strategy is solid and your website up to scratch, the issue could be with your products.


Bad presentation could easily mean no sales on eCommerce stores and platforms. Are you making your products look good?

ecommerce testimonials


Does your website tell people what others think of your products? If not, it could be why your eCommerce doesn’t sell! Don’t forget to tell people what others think of your products.

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    Get More Customers to Your eCommerce Website

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