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7 Ways to Use Reviews to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

7 Ways to Use Reviews to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Why Reviews are Important for eCommerce Stores

So you’re managing your company’s eCommerce business, but we bet you’re missing one key element reviews.

The vast majority of companies are not utilizing the power of reviews, but generating a massive amount of reviews for your products and the store itself can make a world of difference. While this is a great eCommerce strategy, it’s a tactic that’s often overlooked.

Reviews aren’t necessarily the most intuitive strategy, but they actually do a lot more than make a sale. Don’t worry, our experts at Catapult Revenue are here to explain all the benefits.

1. Use Reviews to Help Your SEO Ranking

One of the greatest, underrated benefits of reviews is that they actually boost your search engine optimization.

Some stores even reward their shoppers for posting reviews. With more reviews on their pages, plus an increased appearance of relevant keywords and more people reading the reviews, these stores can achieve a higher ranking on Google. And as we know, with this higher ranking, companies have a better chance at reaching new customers, resulting in higher sales. All from a few reviews? Yes, it’s that simple.

2. Use Reviews to Increase Conversion Rates

Customer reviews maximize conversion rates. The more reviews you have, the higher the chance that those customers interested in a product and reading your reviews will be reassured to purchase.

A solid amount of good, honest reviews from verified customers be the final push a prospective shopper needs, and it takes little effort on your part to implement.

3. Use Reviews to Be Better in Google Shopping Ads

When you promote products to Google Merchant Center (GMC), you can actually set up your product feed on GMC to feature the number of stars your items have. This can do a lot to show people that your products are trustworthy, making them more likely to click on your selection and make a purchase.

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4. Use Reviews to Have Successful Re-Targeting Campaigns

Let’s face it the overwhelming majority of customers aren’t going to purchase the first visit, even those that add items to their cart. To address this, it’s essential to retarget these customers, and one of the ways to improve the chance that this will actually convert to a sale is by utilizing the number of stars a product they’ve looked at has. This process builds trust and familiarity with potential customers, turning their second click into a sale.

5. How to Use Product Reviews to Sell More

When you’re selling something and the customer is checking out, it’s time to maximize the average order value. To do this, you want to pitch an additional item, and by displaying reviews for these add-on products, you’re more likely to sell them. This can be done while they are in their cart or immediately after they place an order. With this method, you can increase the average order value and decreasing the customer acquisition cost while also making the customer more likely to buy more once they have a good interaction with an array of your products.

6. Use Reviews as a Type of User-Generated Content

User-generated content is content created by actual customers – and reviews are just that. Asking for these reviews can create precious user-generated content, converting more people to buy more products. Plus, it adds more content to your pages just like Amazon, showing Google that you have more than enough relevant content to attract more business.

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7. Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigning with Reviews

When you utilize email marketing, you should include reviews in those emails. Incorporating stars, as well as a line or two of reviews, will help grow the business in a simple, easy-to-incorporate way, convincing customers to shop more of your items through other marketing tactics.

Implementing reviews in marketing methods is a great way to promote the growth of your business. It can take some work to generate these reviews, but by putting in the extra effort, you can set your business apart from the rest. It is also one of the many ways to boost your eCommerce sales. Want to know more? then read about it here!

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