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How to Optimize Category Pages on Your eCommerce Website

How to Optimize Category Pages on Your eCommerce Website

Category pages don’t just make it easier for people to shop on your site, but they also play a part in your on-page SEO eCommerce rankings.

Consider the following advice to improve your category page eCommerce SEO!

Why Category Pages Are Important On Ecommerce Sites

When you incorporate a hierarchy it creates additional pages on your site, along with search engine optimization opportunities. This is good for your rankings and great for helping customers find products.

ecommerce store category pages

Start with the Right Website Structure

We’ve already discussed website structure here, but an important rule of thumb to remember is to avoid having more than three levels of hierarchy on your site. The right category structure for eCommerce will ensure you benefit from better SEO and don’t confuse your customers.

Create SEO-Friendly URLs

You’ll need an SEO-friendly URL for eCommerce purposes. The “slug,” which comes after the domain extension, should describe what the page represents. If you’re selling women’s hats, then a slug that reads “/womens-hats” is most appropriate.

Write Meta Data Using Relevant Keywords

Don’t forget meta tag optimization for eCommerce! Your meta description is what people see in the search results, and it should summarize what you’re offering while also including the right keywords.

women's hats ecommerce store meta description

Make A Relevant Product List

When you’re listing the products in each category, make sure they really belong there. If you try to fool customers into seeing different products, it doesn’t just turn them off your brand but it can harm your SEO rankings too.

Highlight Your Product with Media Content

Images and videos of the products you’re selling are a great way of helping customers envision what each product looks like and how it can help them. It’s also great for your SEO rankings – as long as they’re high-quality images!

product images on an ecommerce store

Add Relevant Text

On every category page, it’s important to include keywords naturally through relevant text. This can be done in the page titles, product titles, product descriptions, and more.

Improve Your UX

UX, or your user experience, is key to ensuring people return to your site. Make the purchasing process simple and people will stick around, browse some more, and even return in the future.


An easy selling process, a fluid design that’s easy to navigate, and great products are all important for attracting and keeping your customers. They’re also key to good SEO rankings.

For more help developing a website that delivers results and ranks highly on search engines, call our digital marketing experts today at (312) 625-0447.

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