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How to Leverage Facebook to Increase Your eCommerce Brand’s Revenue

How to Leverage Facebook to Increase Your eCommerce Brand’s Revenue

The Importance of Facebook Ads for eCommerce Business

facebook ads for ecommerce

If you’re not utilizing Facebook ads for your eCommerce business, you’re not only missing out — you’re doing your business a disservice.

One of the top responsibilities when doing marketing for your company is to grow your business while outpacing the competition, and when we talk about growing business, Facebook is one of the best platforms to do it.

Facebook for eCommerce is a go-to tool, and our team at Catapult Revenue is here to explain how to make it work for you.

How to Build a Customer Base Using Facebook

While Facebook is an undeniably beneficial tool for eCommerce, we often hear the same complaints from companies about their efforts with Facebook. What’s the issue? That they can’t get a solid return on investment with their Facebook ad efforts.

This issue often comes from misaligned judgments about what Facebook ads are used for. Instead of focusing on Facebook for profit, it’s important to look at Facebook for eCommerce as a way to build your customer base.

Building a customer base is the first, key step in growing your business – creating a group of customers that will shop your products for years to come. With Facebook ads, you can reach your target market efficiently, creating that necessary customer base for a successful business.

Maximize Customer LTV Using Facebook

Once you have secured a customer base, it’s important to maximize the lifetime value of your customer.

When used strategically, Facebook is great for growing a customer base — but efforts shouldn’t stop there. Once you have a new customer, it’s important to increase their lifetime value, ensuring they come back for more, repeat, or new purchases at your business.

facebook customer lifetime value

Why is the Product Line Important?

What ensures a solid customer LTV? A great product line.

Instead of focusing on the ROI of the ad spend on Facebook, focus on creating a product line that has continuity. So, if a customer buys product A, you can offer them products B, C, or D after purchase. Once you have this product line, you can maximize their lifetime value by selling them more items in addition to the one they’ve already purchased.

However, it’s important always to remember that Facebook is not about maximizing profits. Instead, utilize Facebook as a primary platform to rapidly scale the customer base and think of the product line as a separate measure to keep them coming back for more.

How to Increase Average Order Value

When utilizing Facebook, we know many are considering how to maximize every average order value.

This ties back to having a great product line that makes clear, logical additions to a customer’s cart. Utilizing Facebook to scale your customer base involves cross-sells, and with the right strategy, you’re sure to increase your AOV.

If you have any questions or don’t have the team to handle a Facebook for eCommerce strategy, our experts at Catapult Revenue can help. To get started with your digital marketing strategy, contact us at 312-625-0447 today.

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