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What Are the Types of Video Marketing for eCommerce?

What Are the Types of Video Marketing for eCommerce?

Video Marketing as a Part of Digital Marketing Strategy for eCommerce?

Video marketing is a strategy whereby eCommerce companies create, curate, and utilize videos to market their products or services online. Currently, 85% of companies use video marketing for eCommerce as a tool, making sense considering 69% of consumers say they prefer learning about a new product or service by watching a short video

Videos succinctly convey enormous amounts of information and are more engaging than text. From vlogs to behind-the-scenes videos, there are many options available to include in your eCommerce digital marketing strategy when it comes to eCommerce brand videos. 

Types of Video Marketing an eCommerce Store Can Use

Demo Videos

Demo videos are brief videos that illustrate how a product works by demonstrating it in action. Compelling demo videos lets viewers know why they should purchase a product and provide a context for them to assess its features less aggressively than traditional sales videos. Coffee capsule and machine company Nespresso provides an excellent example of a high-quality eCommerce video production

eCommerce Business Brand Videos

These types of videos can be advertisements, mini-series, or mini-documentaries. They communicate an eCommerce company’s vision and mission and provide an in-depth exploration of the people and values that steer the company. For example, Apple’s video about data privacy communicates its stance on increasing public concern and indirectly marketing its brand. 

Spot Videos for eCommerce Video Advertisement

An eCommerce video advertisement works the same way as traditional commercials, except it’s produced to broadcast online. Your approach can be hard or soft sell depending on where you’re positioning the eCommerce video advertisement within the buyers’ funnel. Take note of the high production value and short length of this Macdonald’s commercial

Vlogs as a Part of eCommerce Digital Marketing

With less production value than spot videos, vlogs are an affordable way to communicate important brand information to your consumers. Essentially, they fulfill the same function as blogs but in video format. For instance, Adobe Creative Cloud has an array of helpful tutorials on its YouTube channel

Behind the Scene Videos of an eCommerce Business

Types of Video Marketing for eCommerce

Behind-the-scenes videos add authenticity to any brand. They showcase a company’s working environment and reveal a bit about the process and people behind the business. As an eCommerce digital marketing strategy, they enhance a brand’s online presence and give them a chance to connect with their community on a personal level. For example, the online retail store Zappos created this video about an employee’s determined spirit at work. 

Interviews with eCommerce Experts

Marketing content should constantly provide value to its consumers. There’s no better way to increase the value of your marketing strategy than by creating interviews with experts. They can highlight your legitimacy and impart information consumers may not have thought of before. For instance, Nike has an interview series on their YouTube channel called Come Thru that speaks to issues that resonate with its ethos, providing entertainment for their audience.

How-To and Explanatory Videos

How-to videos explain concepts or processes to audiences and work well if your eCommerce product or service isn’t intuitive. They bring consumers up to speed and help build trust, but they needn’t only be focused on how a product works. Food and clothing brands and influencers frequently publish videos on how-to style outfits and recipe recommendations. 

eCommerce Webinars

eCommerce webinars are another way for businesses to engage with potential and existing customers. They give you the chance to explain your unique selling proposition and build relationships directly with your customers. Webinars are an excellent way to move customers along the buyers’ funnel, whether through a new product launch or demonstration. Additionally, if you record them, they can be watched afterward by more viewers, further expanding your reach.

eCommerce Product Reviews

92% of consumers read product reviews before buying a product. Reviews can be published on YouTube or Instagram via IGTV or Stories. The more positive reviews, the greater your brand credibility. Product reviews also provide influencers with collaborative opportunities to extend your market reach to their audiences and boost your online visibility. 

Animated videos

Animation can be applied to any of the eCommerce brand videos mentioned above, adding a unique touch to traditional video formats. They are incredibly effective when explaining complicated products or things that aren’t possible to demonstrate through film. Slack’s video, which would have been challenging to pull off as a traditional eCommerce video advertisement, works more effectively as an animation. 

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