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Inspiring Minds: The TOP 20 eCommerce Website Designs of 2020

Inspiring Minds: The TOP 20 eCommerce Website Designs of 2020

We all need a bit of inspiration from time to time, and if you are in the process of building or re-designing an eCommerce website, you may be curious about some of the best designs in 2020. We have chosen the following 20 websites based on a range of criteria. Some were selected for excelling in the areas of aesthetics and graphic design, others were selected for exceptional UX (user experience) or interactivity while others were chosen for clearly and concisely featuring tens of thousands of products on a website that is fast and seamless to navigate.

Whatever the case and whatever your eCommerce business we are certain you’ll find inspiration in what we believe to be some of the most impressive eCommerce website designs of 2020.

Best eCommerce Projects Made by Catapult Revenue


Best web design Marmot

Marmot does an excellent job bringing the outdoors to you right at home with its website’s realistic imagery and live-action homepage. It truly captures the spirit of adventure, rugged durability and quality the brand strives to convey. Best of all, the Marmot site doesn’t only look great. It’s product pages are well thought out and easy to navigate and its shopping portal a breeze, making the entire user experience (UX) and shopping experience a pleasure for visitors.

Europa Eyewear

Best web design Europa Eyewear

Europa Eyewear’s website design is a great example of how a B2B and B2C supplier can appeal to both sectors without making any sacrifices. Bright, modern, and crisp, the Europa site captures the company’s high-end brand identity while remaining approachable. A sophisticated site structure for processing orders makes the shopping experience smooth and seamless.


Website design Lab25

Lab25 is a fashion-forward eCommerce store featuring up-and-coming designers and easy shopping experience for its customers. The website is both lightning fast when navigating and processing orders and also highlight’s the brand’s high-cache designer and customer base. This fresh, fashion-forward website is now a key player in the industry. Check other reviews of the best furniture websites.


Web design Humon

Humon.io is a state of the art device that measures muscle oxygen, the most critical factor in athletic performance, allowing athletes, sports teams and performance labs to optimize workouts, minimize injuries, and track progress.

A website that conveys the sophisticated technology behind its device while remaining fresh and attractive is what really stands out about the Human site.

Best eCommerce Fashion Websites


Example of web design Away Travel
Simple and user-friendly, Away’s website sells suitcases, bags, and organizers for the modern traveler. We like the site’s emphasis on how Away products can be used as well as the easy shopping and check-out process.



Goorin Bros. hats are about as cool as they come and the author of this post has purchased more than a few throughout the years. The brand’s recognition exploded after its signature porkpie hat was donned by Bryan Cranston in the famed series, “Breaking Bad.” Today, the “Heisenberg hat” among its countless other styles have set Goorin apart from other hat makers in the industry.

We love the website because it truly brings the experience of shopping in a Goorin Bros store right to you in the comfort of your home, or while on the go with a mobile device. Real human interaction if you have questions (no bots or major call centers), alteration and cleaning services, and fast, easy return process are clearly delineated on the site. The customer service makes it truly feel like you are there in person.

Dollar Shave Club

Examples of the best web designs

Dollar Shave Club has some hilarious ads and we appreciate how this down-to-earth, no-nonsense brand has been able to use its website to promote its convenient, well thought-out subscription service. The site is user friendly, guiding the buyer through a a seamless buyer journey. We’d be surprised if you don’t end up subscribing to Dollar Shave Club after visiting its website.

Best eCommerce Apparel Websites

Salty K

Web design Salty K

Salty K is a great example of how to fuse Instagram and the power of engaging your audience via social media with a cool, hip eCommerce shop. The imagery is fun, the site layout simple and easy to navigate, and customers truly feel like they are purchasing their swimsuits directly from the store’s owners.


Best web designs

ThirdLove is more than an online retailer of bras and underwear. The brand seeks to build community and connect with women of all walks. Can an eCommerce store achieve such a lofty goal? One spin through the ThirdLove website and you’ll soon learn that the brand’s founders have indeed achieved just that. The website feels more like entering a welcoming sisterhood where all of your shopping needs are met and you can enjoy the pressure-free, nonjudgmental vibe. This website may truly change bra-shopping as we know it, for good.

Best eCommerce Electronics Websites


Example of a website design Bose

Bose sound systems for personal use and corporate applications are sought after for their quality and innovation. The company manufactures quite an extensive range of products and its website does an excellent job organizing different categories in a clear, user-friendly manner. What’s more, the Bose website serves as an excellent example of how B2B-B2C companies can service both sectors effectively through a thoughtful, well-planned website.


Best web design example - Oculus

Oculus virtual reality gaming and application systems is another example of a B2B/B2C hybrid company that was able to service not only both sectors, but also developers of VR programs through its informative, engaging website. Slick graphics, an easy to navigate toolbar and blog featuring fascinating information about the latest VR apps and games make Oculus a truly inspirational eCommerce site.

ECommerce Websites from the Different Category


Website design example - Target

Of course, Target needs no introduction, but what we really love about its eCommerce site is how attractive it is and how well it’s laid out. Think about it: Target sells tens if not hundreds of thousands of products yet the site is not cluttered and it’s easy to navigate.

The product headings are well organized and detailed product descriptions coupled with great imagery that inspires ideas on how to use Target products in your own life are what truly stand out. An easy sales process and payment center top off this well-thought-out website.


Best web design example - Bugaboo

Bugaboo strollers and car seat accessories are all the rage among parents. They’re stylish, light-weight, and easily portable. We love the Bugaboo site for its easy to navigate menu and the clear, concise information it provides about the brand’s 100-day free trial, service, parts, and outlet centers. Do you like it? Check the best children’s websites.

MVMT Watches

Web design example MVMT Watches

Another clean, uncluttered site, MVMT Watches truly captured the minimalistic elegance of its brand in an eCommerce site that exemplifies the very same quality as its watches. Modern, simplified beauty and excellent workmanship are the hallmarks of this brand. Buyer incentives like free shipping on all orders are front and center without detracting from the cache of the brand.


Example of a good web design Peloton

Peleton is another brand that needs little if any introduction. The high-end indoor cycles and spin class app subscriptions have put Peleton on the map as a leader in at-home fitness. We love the brand’s website for how simple and elegant it is. No gimmicks. No catchy slogans or jargon. A few simple navigation choices provide all the information a prospective customer could ever want, easy processing and access to stellar customer service.

Death Wish Coffee

Best examples of website design
Once you hear its name, Death Wish Coffee is one of those brands you’ll never forget. Promising the world’s strongest coffee, these fair-trade beans undergo a proprietary roast and are delivered to your door in three varieties: ground, whole bean, or as pods. The company is also a B2B wholesaler, making this website another great example of you can fuse B2B and B2c operations in one fun, user-friendly site. The founder’s also have a “killer” blog and podcast, which they feature prominently online. The site does a great job retaining the small-town feel of its founding origins as well. Also, check the best food product website.


The Ritual website as an example of the best web design

These aren’t your mom’s vitamins. Ritual is an exciting, 21st century brand that produces origin-traceable, high quality vitamin formulas for men and women and delivers them directly to your door. We applaud how well the site is laid out structure-wise. It’s bright, crisp color palette exudes health and the fact that just about every conceivable question a potential customer could have is already answered right there on the site wins the brand kudos as well.

Sarah and Bendrix

Web designs

Sarah and Beatrix sell custom, stackable wooden toys for children. The website is so simple in its beauty and, through high quality photography of its product lineup, soft lighting and muted colors, the gentle innocence of childhood is captured while the toys themselves take center stage. An easy to navigate toolbar and checkout system makes shopping for these beautiful toys a breeze.


Website designs examples

Writepads is another B2B/B2C hybrid company that has elevated the art of note-booking. With a large product lineup for consumers and wholesalers alike as well as customizable lines, the site has kept it clean, simple and elegant. Writepads makes purchasing paper seem cool.


Best websites examples

For the car enthusiast in us all, Carid is a truly one-of-a-kind business model. The eCommerce store features the most comprehensive product portfolio for both basic vehicle repairs and maintenance to high-performance builds and modifications. Attention to customer service with a knowledgeable staff on hand, and a clear, easy to use website with tons of customizable sorting filters to refine your search, we are more than impressed with the Carid website. We are impressed with how well the site organizes and breaks down its myriad products, how-to-videos, and abundance of information. It never feels overwhelming despite the high-definition colors and details on every product description. We think this is one of the best eCommerce sites out there to date.

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