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TOP 10 eCommerce SEO Trends in 2021

TOP 10 eCommerce SEO Trends in 2021

Does SEO Still Work for eCommerce?

SEO still works for eCommerce. In fact, it’s a hugely important part of your digital marketing and sales strategy.

There are, however, some SEO trends to know about along with plenty of rules to follow to ensure you’re making the best use of online search engines. Let’s take at the top 10 tips for improving your SEO in 2021…which are, in reality, SEO trends in the pandemic time!

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Page Speed and Technical SEO Are Still Important

Page speed and technical SEO are just as important as ever, and here are three things to understand.

Page Speed

The quicker your page loads, the higher you’ll rank in search engines. It’s also key to ensuring a good experience for your customers.

Mobile-Friendly Website

More people are shopping on their smartphones and tablets than ever before, which is why Google and other search engines rank mobile-friendly websites higher. This is as important as ever in 2021.

Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals are certain factors that impact your website’s user experience and which are used by search engines to determine your ranking. These factors determine your Google “page experience” score.

Improving your core web vitals will be important for 2021. This includes optimizing your server loading times, stabilizing loading, and improving the loading time of third-party scripts on your site.

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How To Make Content That Influences SEO In 2021

In 2021, quality content that engages readers and customers will be more important than ever.

High-Quality Content Without SEO Black Hat Technique

SEO content is still vital for ensuring your website or eCommerce store ranks high in relevant search rankings, but you simply cannot using SEO black hat techniques. These include hidden links and texts, keyword stuffing, or link schemes.

Your content should offer users real value.

Use Videos

Incorporating videos into your website – relevant videos, that is – are great for showing customers more detail about your products, but also for improving your search rankings.

Search engines like to see you use digital media, and customers expect it too!

Don’t Use Stock Images

Avoid stock images. These images are likely to be used on other websites, bumping down your search rankings. Always obtain your own photographs or other unique images on your website.

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Highlight Your Strengths

Highlighting your strengths is great for SEO, and it also builds trust with customers.

Ask Customers for Testimonials

If your customers love your product, why not ask them for testimonials? Including these unique testimonials show other customers that they can trust you, and helps improve your search engine rankings.

Set Up Structured Data

Structured data helps Google understand what each page on your eCommerce site is about.

This is a method of marking data on your web page so Google understands what it is, allowing them to include that information in rich snippets when people search for the information on your site. It also helps smart assistants provide the information directly to users upon request.

Make Product Reviews

Just like testimonials for your company, individual product reviews show customers that they can trust you, and helps provide valuable information about each product on every individual product page. This is hugely valuable for increasing the ranking of individual product pages on search engine results pages.

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Mix Your Marketing Channels

Mixing your marketing channels can ensure traffic to your website is directed from multiple sources. Search engines like to see natural traffic to your website, with authentic traffic being directed from various social media channels, email marketing, and more.

Get Help from the Experts in 2021

These are just ten excellent ways that you can improve your SEO in 2021, and they all focus on the idea of improving customer experiences. Black hat SEO techniques no longer work, and when you improve user experience, you benefit your customers and improve your search engine rankings.

At Catapult Revenue, we have a team of highly experienced digital marketing experts who can help you diversify your marketing channels, highlight your strengths on your site, improve the quality of your web content, and even boost your page speed.

For more information and a consultation with one of our experts, call today on (312) 625-0447.

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