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The 22 Best Web Designs for Baby and Children’s Clothing Ecommerce Website

The 22 Best Web Designs for Baby and Children’s Clothing Ecommerce Website

If you have a business selling clothing for children – newborns, toddlers, young children, and adolescents – you may be wondering how to help your eCommerce website design stand out from the competition. Or, you may be wondering what sets apart quality children’s clothing websites from others out there.

In truth, you need to have a great product and great customer service. But without a high-performance website that’s built to convert customers and provide them with a positive user experience, your website won’t succeed. As a professional eCommerce web design agency, we want to share some good examples of websites with you.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best baby and children’s clothing website designs online today.

 Baby Noomie

Baby Noomie Clothes website design

The first website in our selection of the best web designs for baby clothes sites is Baby Noomie. Baby Noomie is a great shop for modern moms with its easy-to-browse website structure and adorable clothing options.


Tea Collection | Children’s Clothes for Kids, Baby & Newborn website design

The website’s design is full of fun, heartwarming photos of kids in Tea’s branded clothing. The website excels in connecting actively with social media.


Livly Clothing Children website design

The next great web design of kids’ clothing website is Livly. Although not SEO optimized, it has a lot of potential for it because of the good site speed and product structure – both things that Google loves.

 Le Petit Kids

Le Petit Kids Designer European designers website design

Le Petit Kids uses minimalism in its web design to help focus customers on their products. Nothing distracting here — only the things a customer needs to know. Another useful feature is sophisticated filters for browsing kid’s clothing in a more concise way.

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    Feltman Brothers

    Feltman Brothers Vintage Baby Clothes website design

    There’s a strong connection between the brand and its website design, and the business does an excellent job leveraging its customer testimonials section on the homepage.


    NUNUNU - Kids Clothes website design

    This site’s distinctive web design feature for kids’ clothing is its size filter divided by different ages. Other useful website features abound and are a great example of how to build a customer-focused site.


    Maisonette Children Clothes website design

    Another simple, elegant design and a customer-oriented blog make for a site where visitors will find all the information they might need to make the right buying decision.

    Janie and Jack

    Janie and Jack Kids Clothes website design

    This web design for children’s clothing site works for their large assortment of products. If you want to have an effective online store, consider how this website organizes its products on the website and ensures they’re all accompanied by high-resolution photos, comprehensive descriptions, and other useful information.

    Another Dozen Examples that Follow Best Practices for Children’s Clothing Sites


    Miminoo Kids Clothes website design
    Miminoo is a great example of a user-friendly, well-designed website offering clothes for kids.


    Carter's Kids Clothes website designCarter’s has a lot of brand recognition, but its website is also designed to be colorful, fun, and well organized. An informative drop-down menu and site feature that filters by size and by style add to the user-friendliness. The site also displays testimonials from happy customers.

    Spearmint Love

    SpearmintLOVE Kids Clothes website designSpearmint Love is another eCommerce online store design worth a look at. In addition to the soothing design in creamy color, tones feature effective discount offers that help convert more visitors into actual buyers.


    Primary Kids Clothes website designPrimary is the next choice in our selection of the best website designs of kids clothing online stores. Bright colors, lots of discount offerings, fun images are all eye-catching.


    Gymboree Kids Clothes website designGymboree’s website features discounts, the newest collections, and seasonal clothing right on the homepage, making the buying decision very easy for its customers.


    Joules Teen Clothes website designJoules is an example of an eCommerce clothing website designed to sell kids and baby clothes and adult clothing. The attractive layout featuring boy’s and girl’s collections feature great photos and an option to filter by size, color, and price, making it fun to buy clothing for your little ones.


    Target Kids Collection website designTarget is an eCommerce website that features everything from video games to household essentials. Why did it make it onto our top baby clothing websites list? Because their baby clothing category stands alone and can compete with well-known brands specializing in kid’s clothing only.

    Pink Chicken

    Pink Chicken Kids Clothes website designPink Chicken is an eCommerce website offering clothing for kids and their moms. Designed in pink (yeah, it is Pink Chicken!), the website offers a great assortment of clothes and accessories filtered by type and size.


    Mayoral Kids Clothes website designMayoral is one more store that can be named one of the best eCommerce baby clothing websites. The baby essentials and gifts section is something that not every website offers. It includes towels, sleeping bags, memory books, and many other wonderful accessories.


    Oeuf Baby Clothes website designOEUF’s eCommerce website design offers everything parents may want to buy for their babies, from organic baby essentials to swim clothing in a very methodical way.

    Shade Critters

    Shade Critters Kids Clothes website designShade Critters is another website in our selection of the best web design of children’s clothes websites. It offers not only kid’s clothes but also adult clothing. The assortment and design will truly impress you.

     Lilly and Sid

    Lilly and Sid Baby Clothes website designLilly and Sid is another example of the top eCommerce website for baby clothing with a simple web design that makes the buying process seamless.


    Wheat Kids Clothes website designWheat’s website web design features great web design and a user-friendly interface, which are the main reasons we included it in our top website list.

    Miki Miette

    Mikimiette Kids Clothes website design

    Miki Miette is the last (but not the least) entry on our children’s eCommerce websites design list. Soft colors, high-resolution images, and great assortment and user friendly-features engender buying confidence in the site’s visitors, converting them into customers.


    We offered you our selection of the best designs of eCommerce websites for kids’ clothing to provide an example of the type of web design and development, content, and features your eCommerce website should emulate to be successful. If you’re inspired and want something like this for your own eCommerce store, contact us, and we will schedule a consultation to discuss all your needs. We’ll also be glad to provide a complimentary full marketing audit of your existing website (if you already have one) and help you learn where you can improve to maximize revenue!

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