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How Video Marketing Benefits eCommerce Websites & Drive Sales

How Video Marketing Benefits eCommerce Websites & Drive Sales

Utilizing video for your content marketing strategy is an often underestimated method, but one that can make a world of difference when converting passing shoppers to big sales. Here’s why.

Why Is It Crazy to Not Invest in Video Marketing for an eCommerce Brand?

So, you’re looking to grow sales for an eCommerce store, but you’re not using video marketing? Big mistake.

Why is this so crazy? In 2020, 88% of all the time spent online was spent watching videos. That’s huge! We know a great eCommerce strategy is all about maximizing conversion rates for improved sales, and by implementing video content, you can guarantee you’re delivering your message in a way consumers understand (and often prefer to view).

And there are really no excuses. Video production is relatively inexpensive, and dedicating space in your office or having your video marketing company handle your demo video and YouTube marketing for you won’t take too big of a hit on your budget. It’s a worthwhile solution.

Video vs. Articles

When we talk about a content marketing strategy, it’s important to know that videos convert at a much higher rate than just written content on their own, making for a big opportunity area.

However, this doesn’t mean written content should be totally forgotten. Instead, both video and written articles should be used in tandem to share content about a product you’re selling with a potential customer, allowing them to read about it and see how it works.

youtube videos vs blog articles

How Can Demo Videos Drive Sales?

When we are talking about video marketing for eCommerce, we are primarily talking about demo videos.

These are an incredibly useful tool, particularly for products that lend themselves to demo videos — including those that may need more explanation for how to use, best practices for maintenance, and deep dives into key features.

Demo videos can really set your eCommerce site apart from the rest, especially if competitors aren’t already doing the same. And what makes them stand out even more? An enthusiastic presenter who shares a passion for the product they represent — truly making the shopper feel as though it’s just what they need.

If you’re ready to step up your eCommerce strategy with improved video marketing tactics but want a little help with the process, our team at Catapult Revenue can assist. Backed by years of experience with digital marketing, we know just what it takes to drive sales. To get started today, contact us at 312-625-0557.

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Need Help With Your eCommerce Site?

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