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How to Use Twitter for Social Selling

How to Use Twitter for Social Selling

What’s Special About Twitter for eCommerce?

Social media platform Twitter claims that 40% of their users have purchased due to a Tweet from an influencer. Known as a micro-blogging platform, Twitter is mistakenly perceived as a platform about sharing information and news, not products. However, in today’s marketing landscape, eCommerce on Twitter has become an integral marketing channel. 

How do You Actually Sell eCommerce on Twitter?

You Don’t Sell — You Engage

Twitter social selling is a new process of selling that involves developing relationships as part of the sales process. Marketers laser-target their prospecting customers and establish rapport with them online. As a result, social selling enables better sales, lead generation and eliminates cold calling. In summary, eCommerce businesses take more time to listen to their prospect’s challenges and identify how their product or service can solve them before responding on the platform.

Build Your eCommerce Store Account

If you wonder how to use Twitter as a brand, the first step is to Tweet. Participate in conversations, share useful content and engage with prospects. Group users and accounts via lists to track different trends. Retweet and follow others to increase your Twitter presence. You don’t have to have a large following, to begin with, but you do need a strategy. 

When tweeting content or responding to a lead, be specific and address their concerns. Twitter is a personalized platform where audiences can immediately tell if your Tweet is disingenuous, and they’ll be quick to call you out.  It also assures potential leads that you aren’t using bots.

Monitor Your Mentions

Successful eCommerce selling on Twitter requires brands to monitor their company’s mentions, as these will provide valuable feedback on common queries and concerns customers have about your service or product. @mentions can be monitored by typing your company’s account in the regular search bar. 

It’s equally important to reply to @mentions as this nurses customer relationships and builds credibility, especially if they are related to customer service concerns. However, if your company receives too many @mentions, consider employing an agency or community manager to handle your social media.

Link Other Socials and Your eCommerce Store

Selling on Twitter can be challenging because of its 280-character limit, which prohibits longer conversations. So while Twitter DMS are useful, your end goal should drive conversations from social media to your website to engage with content or make a purchase, depending on how far down the buyer’s funnel your lead is. 

Twitter is an excellent platform to augment selling efforts and build a network of relationships to convert into leads. Its interface makes it easy to retweet or like something and stays on users’ radars. But ultimately, you want to drive them towards a call-to-action.

Follow eCommerce and Other Trends

Twitter hashtags (#) give tweets context and prolongs conversation longevity. This social media platform shows users topics and conversations that a trending via hashtags. For example, when users add a “#” to the beginning of an unbroken word or phrase, it links it to all other Tweets that include it. In some instances, it provides invaluable marketing opportunities. 

For example, the famous Lay’s Do Us a Flavor campaign where the potato chip brand asked social media users to vote for their favorite new flavor. Not only is it excellent market research, but it also boosts brand-customer relationships and visibility. However, hashtags aren’t the only trends to cash in on, which is why it’s important to keep abreast of the way potential leads use social media. 

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    When done effectively, using Twitter to promote a business can increase your eCommerce brand’s visibility and leads. Catapult Revenue is a full-service digital agency dedicated to helping eCommerce businesses perform optimally online. We provide digital marketing solutions to help businesses thrive in a competitive online space. Click here to find out how we can help your eCommerce on Twitter.

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