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How to Improve Your Conversion Rate with Better Content: 4 Proven Strategies

How to Improve Your Conversion Rate with Better Content: 4 Proven Strategies

eCommerce is all about great conversion rates, but this can be a tough goal to master. Thankfully, our experts at Catapult Revenue share the top 4 strategies to improve conversion rate with a killer marketing strategy.

Why Conversion Rate is One of the Biggest Problems for eCommerce Brands

Every eCommerce brand has the same issue a conversion rate problem.

Many people who come to your store don’t buy anything, which is a huge problem as you spend time, energy, and money getting them to your store, only to watch them walk away without making a purchase. But why is this?

Customers will leave a store without purchasing a lot of reasons. They might not like what they see, not be ready to commit, or want more information, but it’s your job to improve the conversion rate to grow sales faster, and content marketing is the key.

Here are our top ways to improve the conversion rate to grow your business.

earring product description

Step 1: Amazing Product Descriptions

When you look at most product descriptions on eCommerce sites, they tend to be short and without much information. Additionally, if you’re a reseller and not the actual brand, those descriptions came to you from the product manufacturers. Every other site that sells the items has the same product descriptions. However, Google penalizes websites with duplicate content and includes product descriptions that appear on multiple sites.

Also, product descriptions that don’t tell consumers why they should buy products and address why they may not are significantly less successful than those that do. This is why it’s important to have incredibly descriptive product descriptions. Plus, a video demo alongside this content can lead to much higher conversions.

Yes, this can be a lot of work, but you don’t have to make the changes for all your products at once. This may take some time, and working through your most popular items first will make a world of difference to improve the conversion rate.

Step 2: Email Marketing

Email marketing is key to capturing consumers that don’t convert on the first visit to your site. By getting their email, you can intelligently follow up with them with a series of welcome emails, sharing the brand and products to entice them to purchase.

Think of email marketing as a multi-level tactic. It starts with a welcome and continues to engage with new and additional items to return customers. This can also include capturing customers that left an item in their cart, as well as one for disengaged customers who haven’t purchased with you in months. Sound like a lot of work? It is, but it’s well worth it.

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Step 3: Remarketing Strategy

We mentioned that not every customer will make a purchase on the first visit to your site, and this is where a remarketing strategy comes into play to boost your conversion rate.

By deploying re-targeting content, you’re going to get more customers and a higher conversion rate, bringing those that considered a purchase back to finally check out with their cart. You can even use your email marketing for this strategy!

Step 4: Compare Your Product Line

In your emails and on your website, you want to help customers make buying decisions and send them information that helps them make choices between product A and product B, so they feel more confident in their purchase. This process will maximize the conversion rate, assuring the customer that they are making the most informed decision.

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    Ultimately, increasing your conversion rate is essential to boosting business and creating repeat buyers. By having customers come back for more, increasing their lifetime value, your sales will only continue to grow for exponential success.

    Improving your conversion rate can take a lot of time, hard work, and money. If you don’t have the team or expertise to take on this important task, reach out to our experts at Catapult Revenue to help execute your content marketing strategy and boost your conversion rate.

    Contact us at 312-625-0447 today to get started with your conversion-rate strategy.

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