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How Do You Make a Product Trendy?

How Do You Make a Product Trendy?

We Understand, Selling Products Online Can Be Hard

In 2020, over two billion people purchased goods or services online. eCommerce sales grew by 40% and showed no signs of slowing down. There’s no doubt that for businesses, eCommerce is the way of the future. However, competition is exceptionally high, and digital marketing takes time to perfect. It’s also difficult to promote a product that isn’t selling well.

Here are a few tips on making a product trendier for your target audience and improving its eCommerce sales.

How Do You Promote a Product Online?

Successfully promoting a product online requires a strategic plan. It’s an interconnected process whereby different moving parts work together as a cohesive system.

Optimize Your Store for Better Online Visibility

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to marketing a product. Before embarking on a strategy, you should do a website audit to see which areas are performing well and which need improving. It’s possible that the page with your product doesn’t rank well or at all, in which case the copy and links need to be changed.

You’ll also want to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. A substantial amount of your website traffic probably comes from mobiles, so you’ll want to ensure users can easily navigate it on their phones. Local SEO can also help target users searching within your vicinity and improving your Google ranking.

Identify Your Audience for eCommerce Sales

Audience for eCommerce Sales

A marketing strategy usually has a large audience that is divided into smaller segments. These smaller segments can be separated by demographics and online habits, such as keyword phrases they search for or their spending patterns. Not knowing who your audience makes it difficult to create targeted ads is vital to determining who they are. The more precise you are, the more accurate your ad will be, resulting in a higher ROI.

Follow Internet Trends

Attracting customers to buy underperforming goods is easier if you leverage online trends. If you recognize a trend early, you can establish yourself as an industry leader and capitalize on attracting new customers interested in these trends before your competition does. This will probably decrease your paid spend as you’ll pop up in organic searches, and your long-term SEO traffic should also increase.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Product

Social Media to Promote Your Product

Social media platforms are powerful tools to build brand awareness, increase credibility and improve customer relations. Many customers will read existing reviews before purchasing. These are essentially free endorsements and encourage others to buy your products. On social media, you can promote your product indirectly through content marketing or positive reviews, and there is the added chance that your marketing content could go viral.

Collaborate with Content Creators and Different Online Projects

Sponsorships and collaborations can boost the performance of your product as they extend your audience reach and can even help find new target audience segments. They also improve off-page SEO helping you to rank higher on Google. Co-ordinated online giveaways with other brands or influencers, as well as charity-sponsored events, provide great exposure.

When promoting a product, it’s also a good idea to form long-term relationships with bloggers. They generally tend to promote trendy products, and their product referrals and links to your website in their posts can increase purchases.

Gather and Listen to Feedback

Gather and Listen to Feedback

Sometimes customers are right, and your product may have a flaw you failed to notice. Always gather constructive feedback and act on it by improving the product and communicating oversights with your customers to maintain credibility and trust. Asking customers for feedback or leaving a review after a purchase should always form part of your marketing strategy. These tactics can boost sales and help you improve your offering.


If you need assistance promoting a product online or help in turning a poorly performing item into a profitable product, contact us at Catapult Revenue. As a full-service eCommerce agency, we have helped many customers position their products correctly in the digital marketplace. Call us today at (312) 625-0447, so you can increase your eCommerce sales.

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