The Best Food Product Websites – An International Review

There is no shortage of food product companies out there, but not every one of them has a website that’s worth sinking your teeth into. With a properly designed website, food manufacturers and distributors can truly stand apart from their competition. With this in mind, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of some truly compelling websites. Our criteria are based on the thoughtful layout and overall high-quality UX, cohesive site design that accurately reflected the company’s guiding ethos and brand identity, and of course, whether or not the site layout makes the navigation of product lineup and purchasing easy.

Let’s begin or list with some domestic stand-outs.

27 Stellar Food Product Websites From the U.S. (and beyond)

Badr Food Industries

The first website in our selection of the best food product websites is BADR. This company’s website makes highlights its products with high-quality images and an easy-to-browse website structure that allows users to interact with the brand’s product lineup.

E&J Gallo Winery

E&J Gallo Winery’s proven strategy carries through to its website, which showcases the long and storied tradition of this family business. The website’s convenient menu also allows visitors to focus on the brand’s diverse products. All in all, the website instills buyer confidence on all fronts.

Président Cheese

Leveraging videos rather than simply photos, this premier cheesemaker’s website draws attention to its product at just one glance. Plus, the site brilliantly doesn’t advertise the products directly, but rather makes it possible to envision using President products via recipes and a convenient scrolling menu simplifies website navigation.

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Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle is becoming more popular and the Kind website undoubtedly highlights this philosophy. A user-friendly menu, easy navigation, and functionality to create a set of snacks to your personal taste are good examples of how to sell more products and attract customers.

Kerrygold USA

Kerrygold is an Irish company with a large international presence. The company’s U.S. website is a great example of the combination between SMM and a web-store. Today a large number of people use Instagram not only as a means of advertising their products via photos, but also for making purchases, so it is not surprising that Kerrygold chose this path.

Evolution Fresh

There is a strong connection between the brand and its minimalist design style that showcase Evolution products in their best light. The site is intuitive, user friendly, and actually fun!


POM is a great example of another user-friendly and well-designed website. Although this company deals only with one type of product, it still captures customer’s attention through its publishing of scientific research, historical facts, and, of course, recipes about the wonderful power of pomegranate.

Granny’s Secret

Another simple, elegant design is key with this customer-oriented website which captivates users through the interactive first page, multi-language option, and high-resolution photos.

Step & Jar

Step & Jar is one more company in our selection. Besides their stellar product presentation, educational information is also provided across its website, where customers can learn something new about this delicious, beautiful drink.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a really interesting concept – selling product-ready boxes for customers to prepare fresh, homemade meals at home. The company’s website does a great job enticing customers with its delicious recipes, photos, and also wine options for those who don’t have time for food shopping.

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Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is one more company providing product boxes for cooking. They use minimalism to help customers focus on their products. Nothing distracting here – only the things a customer needs to know.

Niedlov’s Bakery & Café

The next company in our lineup is Niedlov’s Bakery & Café, whose mission is to bring rustic naturally leavened loaves to the community. The distinctive feature of this website is a wide variety of pictures demonstrating the whole process of preparing these artisanal bakery products, inspiring visitors to use these wonderful products at home.


Dole Food Company is committed to supplying consumers with high-quality fruits and fruit products. This company stands out for its colorful design and well-organized layout that not only offers products but also recipes, articles, and scientific research about the healthful benefits of fruits.

The Healthy Grocer

This company is a hub for organic, non-GMO foods and natural supplements. This simple, clean design makes the buying process seamless for customers.


Tyson specializes in high-quality chicken and chicken products like prepared tenders, nuggets, and ready-to-cook meals. The website features great web design and a user-friendly interface as well as an abundance of recipes to inspire visitors, making it an easy choice for one of our top pics.

Specific Product Websites

Tsubi Soup

Tsubi Soup provides authentic, vegan Japanese soup and its website is a good example of an eCommerce food product website that is simple, easy to use, and engaging.


Huel offers nutritionally complete foods and the site also features articles and guides to help visitors maintain their healthy lifestyle. The minimalist, well-designed website helps customers focus on Huel’s core product lineup.

The Kombucha Shop

This company helps people brew incredible kombucha at home. It designs brewing supplies to make brewing kombucha at home easy, affordable, and fun.

Big Tree Farms

Big Tree Farms’ eye-catching design distinguishes it from many other eCommerce food products websites out there. We love this site’s attention to detail and the easy-to-navigate structure.

Hain Celestial

This company’s purpose is to create and inspire a healthier lifestyle through producing organic and natural products, that’s why they focus on environmental friendliness and sustainable development, something apparent every step of the way on its website.

Great International Food Product Websites

Chocolat Milano

One of Chocolat Milano’s distinctive website features is its thoughtful branding, user-friendly interface, and informative features, all of which help convert those visitors into customers.


What began as a small at-home production, has grown to be a fairly large company with a presence across various locations. Jude’s easy-to-navigate website makes access information about the company’s products a breeze and a site design that’s on point with the brand’s identity helps foster brand loyalty with its happy customers.

Boréal Coffee Shop

Based in Geneva and Zurich, this shop provides coffee beans and a wide variety of appliances for coffee brewing. Perfect for today’s modern e-shoppers, Boréal Coffee’s website is intuitive and makes purchasing items easy and fun.

Sous Chef

Sous Chef has a lot to offer its customers and its colorful site with a well-organized navigation menu helps visitors filter seamlessly and focus on their needs.

Netherend Farm

Netherend Farm is another great example of an elegant, simple, and intuitive website. This company’s history is featured prominently as a means of fostering brand confidence.


Steenberg is a huge online market offering myriad products for cooking and baking. Visiting this well-designed website perfectly organized so that everyone, regardless of their needs, can easily find what they’re looking for.

Ruby Violet

Ruby Violet uses the simplest most wholesome ingredients to create pure and natural flavors for organic ice creams and vegan sorbets. Soft colors, simple design of a well-organized website structure makes it easy for customers to navigate.


With a myriad of food product companies operating in the marketplace, it can be difficult to know how best to distinguish yourself, capture your brand identity, and convert customers via your website. These eCommerce websites face tremendous competition, but when designed properly from the beginning, your business will truly bear fruit. If you have questions about building a food product eCommerce or redesigning your current eCommerce to perform better and generate higher revenue for your company, reach out to Catapult Revenue, one of the top eCommerce web design companies of 2020. We’ll be glad to discuss the ins and outs of these unique eCommerce websites and how even a few simple changes can drastically improve your growth trajectory. We’ll also provide a full website assessment absolutely free of charge.


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  • I like the idea of using video on the main banner instead of photos, is it slowing the site?

    • Hi, David. Video can indeed slow down the site considerably, but we don't recommend giving up on this format. If your video highlights your strengths, be sure to use it in your content strategy.

  • I see that few sites in the list have a blog or forum section, is it important?

    • Hello Stephen, Thank you for the question. As you mentioned a lot of websites from the list are about recipes, so it is suitable to have a blog o forum to give customers a possibility to discuss theirs.

  • Is it possible to transform the site to eCommerce if it didn't have this feature in the beginning?

    • Hi, Elizabeth. Yes it is possible and depends on what platform the site is implemented. You need to assess the possibilities and decide what would be more profitable to add such features to the old site or make a new one.

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