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December’s Google Core Update: What Does It Mean for eCommerce?

December’s Google Core Update: What Does It Mean for eCommerce?

What Is Google Core Update?

Multiple times per year, Google announces core updates or updates to its search engine algorithm. Google gave us an early Christmas present on Dec. 3rd of this year when they announced another wave of changes.

Many eCommerce sites are experiencing both positive and negative changes in website traffic and overall conversions due to the most recent update. How is your eCommerce business handling the changes? As eCommerce SEO experts, we notice all changes in search engine algorithms and we are ready to share with you our conclusions. Read on to learn more.

google core update organic traffic changes

How to Analyze the Effects of Google December Core Update on Your eCommerce Site

Check Keyword Position on the SERP after a core update

You’ll want to determine how your keyword movements have shifted as a result of the update. If you see a large surge or decline in keyword movement on the search engine results page, you may want to tailor your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

google core update keyword positions changes

Check How Core Update affected your Organic Traffic

Organic traffic, or traffic that comes from a search engine, can help you determine if Google’s most recent core update has impacted your eCommerce site. Significant increases or decreases in traffic should be factored into your strategy moving forward.

Check the Indexing of your eCommerce

Your eCommerce’s indexing refers to how your site stores and organizes content. If your pages have been indexed properly, they may appear in Google’s search results. To check on your site, enter “site” before your URL. For example, type in “site:yourdomain.com” to see how it is indexed. If no pages appear, consider a new digital marketing strategy.

What to Do If You Notice Changes after Google Update

Ask Your SEO Agency About Actions They’re Taking

Your SEO agency should be committed to making changes to your website due to Google’s updates. Google advises that businesses fix any SEO issues as a starting point.

Check Your Link-Building Strategy

Help improve the chances of your website being found by implementing a strong link-building strategy. Both internal and external linking on your eCommerce site can help Google understand what pages are important and yield attention.

backlinks overview

Focus on Creating High-Quality Content

Content is an integral part of your eCommerce site’s SEO rankings. Make sure your website houses relevant, high-quality content that is beneficial to your customers.

What Actions Should You Take If There Are No Changes in Results?

Each Google update impacts businesses differently. If you weren’t impacted this time, that doesn’t mean that your eCommerce site won’t be impacted in the future.

The bottom line? Make sure to stay on top of SEO best practices to keep your business visible on Google’s SERP.

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    1 year ago

    It’s so good, thank you, I had no idea, just checked our organic traffic, and it’s actually increased in December, now I know why!

    1 year ago

    What analytics do you use to check backlinks and links? 

    1 year ago

    So what exactly changed in the Google algorithm? 

    1 year ago

    Seems like my site is not indexing, do you have any idea why could it be? 

    1 year ago

    SEO seems so difficult to manage

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