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Can a Shoe eCommerce Be A Revenue-Driving Machine? The Top 21 Websites of 2020 Prove They Can Be!

Can a Shoe eCommerce Be A Revenue-Driving Machine? The Top 21 Websites of 2020 Prove They Can Be!

With the advent of Zappos, 6pm and other shoe eCommerce retailers, there has been no shortage of competition in the industry. Shoes are a necessity of life, just like food and clothing, thus, they’ll always be in demand. But as retailers shift their focus online, they must invest a great deal of effort in building a site that will mirror the physical shopping experience as best as possible. After all, you can’t try on shoes at Zappos.com, but the company’s stellar, comprehensive product descriptions, demo videos, and seamless return policy makes the customer feel as though he or she is right there in a retail store — with all the same benefits (just more convenient)!

If you’re running a shoe eCommerce, it’s important to ensure your website is replete with quality UX (user experience), comprehensive product descriptions and demo videos if possible, and a great return policy. We’ve compiled a list of stand-outs in the shoe retail industry that encompass all of these attributes. We hope they’ll serve as inspiration for your own website design.

The Best Shoe eCommerce Designs From the US and Beyond

Fortress of Inca

Fortress of Inca best shoes website design
The first company in our selection is Fortress of Inca. The company partners with some of the best shoemakers in the world to craft shoes using natural materials by responsible production practices. The functional website has a clean, simple design and a seamless check-out process. Fortress of Inca undoubtedly will instill a love of quality shoes and foster a loyal customer base.


Zappos best shoes website design

Zappo’s needs no introduction and it really is the gold standard when building a shoe or clothing eCommerce. Its website design is vivid, user friendly, and very comprehensive.  Zappo’s site is remarkable due to its high level of functionality, easy return policy, demo videos and highly detailed product descriptions.

Online Shoes

Online Shoes website design


OnlineShoes offers a wide variety of high-quality footwear, apparel, and accessories. The company simplifies your shopping experience with an intuitive website structure and easy filtering so customers can choose shoes based not just on size but on activity level, functionality and more.

Peltz Shoes

Peltz Shoes website design

Peltz Shoes’ goal is absolute customer satisfaction. The company offers quality, name brand shoes in hard to find sizes and widths at a great price. The company carries its pro-customer service ethos over to its website, where the shopping experience is easy and intuitive.

Nine West

Nine West best shoes website design

Nine West is a popular shop for stylish, comfortable and affordable shoes. Solid website structure and easy filtering options allow users to browse effortlessly.

Best Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes website design
The next company on our list is Best Running Shoes, a company that successfully converts visitors into customers with its many fun browsing options including a customer top rated list and even “shoes scores.”


Velasca shoes website design

This Italian company’s website design clearly reflects the history and philosophy of this brand. Velasca’s site embodies its high-quality shoes that transcend the ever-changing trends of fast-fashion to deliver a timeless style that values tradition. We love this website’s drop-down menu and beautiful graphic paintings. The site invites users to linger a bit longer, and seamlessly go through a buying journey that’s also pleasurable!


Shoedazzle best shoes website design

Shoedazzle is another well-designed site in our selection. This brand believes style is a way of life, deeply personal, and should always be fun. Today, millions of women get their personalized fashion fix from this eCommerce, that’s well organized allowing users to browse top trends and style inspiration all while enjoying personalized service they’d once have only gotten in a physical retail store.


ALDO shoes best website design

ALDO designs footwear and accessories, but where this company excels is how well it fuses the eCommerce arm with social media to amplify the brand’s messaging worldwide.  As a result, Aldo enjoys a steady stream of online buyers from all corners of the online marketplace.

Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds shoes best website design

Allen Edmonds is a manufacturer of premium, timeless men’s footwear and accessories. The site provides a wealth of resources for its visitors and guides prospective customers seamlessly and intuitively through the buying journey.


Suitsupply best shoes website design

Suitsupply’s formula is straight, to the point, yet still personal. It’s a great approach for men who don’t always care for an involved shopping experience yet don’t want to sacrifice style and quality. The site is easy to navigate and makes finding and purchasing items a breeze.

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak best shoes website design

Frank and Oak is a good example of how a minimalist aesthetics can still draw potential customers through the “virtual” doors. The site is easy to use, informative and offers a solid user experience that facilitates the buying journey.

Famous Footwear

Famous Footwear best shoes website design

One more eCommerce on our list is Famous Footwear. The assortment of shoes presented in clean, non-cluttered website design helps users focus on the items they truly need without overwhelming them.


6pm best shoes website design
6 pm offers customers some of the best deals and discounted fashion. But while this online retail giant offers a myriad products, it still features a very easy UX with intuitive sort and filter options. The product descriptions are comprehensive and users can make their purchases with confidence.


Shoes.com best website design

This website features great web design and a user-friendly interface, which are the main reasons we included it in our top website list.


Shoepassion best shoes website design

Shoepassion is another eCommerce store worth a look. An informative drop-down menu and site feature that filters by size and by style adds to the user-friendliness. We love this website’s blog with information about shoemaking, manufacturing principles, and inspirational features.


Sneakerhead best shoes website design

Sneakerhead’s beautiful, vibrant website also features great functionality, perfect for a more youthful or web-savvy audience. The fun interface and engaging UX take prospective customers through the buying journey seamlessly.


Journeys best shoes website design

This modern, youthful brand features high-level functionality and user-friendliness help to convert customers quickly and efficiently.

Infinity Shoes

Infinity Shoes best website design
Soft colors, convenient site navigation and an easy to use interface are the keys to this successful eCommerce website.

International Shoe eCommerce Sites We Just Love


Gimez best shoes website design

The high-quality product presentation is just breathtaking, and the site’s robust functionality further reflects the brand’s commitment to quality. Customers can easily focus on what they need and are taken through the buying journey in a thoughtful manner.

Shoe Warehouse

Shoe Warehouse best shoes website design

Simple yet efficient website design complete with detailed product information and an easy to navigate sorting option makes finding shoes for any member of the family a breeze.

These Boots Were Made for Walking

Running a successful shoe or clothing eCommerce takes more than offering just great products. Those products also need to be presented in the best light possible, paying in mind all of the potential obstacles, worries or needs of your prospective customers. Proper website development and design can in fact become the most powerful revenue driver of your entire business model. With this in mind, give us a call or reach out via our contact us form anytime. We’d be glad to discuss your business goals and perform a marketing and web audit free of charge. Best of all, you’ll walk away armed with knowledge and empowered to take your eCommerce site to the next level.

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1 year ago

It’s really helpful when shoe ecommerce has some type of trends and inspirational pages. Shoedazzle is really great

1 year ago

Never seen filters on sites for activity level and functionality but sounds cool.

1 year ago

Thank you, it’s inspiring

1 year ago

Is blog important for the shoe eCommerce site?

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