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Building eCommerce Brand Loyalty Using Facebook and Instagram

Building eCommerce Brand Loyalty Using Facebook and Instagram

At the end of the day, we don’t just want new customers, but returning ones, too. And how do we do this? How do we build our brand loyalty? By using our social platforms to really connect with customers. Don’t worry. Our experts at Catapult Revenue are here to break it down.

What is Brand Loyalty for eCommerce?

One of the biggest questions we get from brands is, “how do I grow my social media eCommerce business?” This is an important question as social media is an important tool to boost sales. But it has another benefit, too – brand loyalty.

Social media does a lot to show a brand’s voice and presence, allowing shoppers to interact with new or long-time favorite brands instantly. While one “like” doesn’t directly correlate to a sale, we know that the more likes and follows, the more engagement you see, the more sales you will have in the long run.

And while social media can be a powerful tool to create brand loyalty, it can also have the opposite effect on your eCommerce business. To avoid falling into the common pitfalls of using social media for eCommerce, check out our top tips.

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What eCommerce Needs to Do with Social Media

Social media can at times feel impersonal, leading us to neglect our social channels. However, customers frequenting these platforms have a set of expectations for companies and brands. To meet your shopper’s needs, you’ll want to hit on all our key points.

Point 1: Communicate with Customers

If you have a range of social media accounts – from Facebook to Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter – your customers expect to communicate with you.

When a customer on Instagram DMs you or uses Facebook Messenger to ask a question, responding in a timely fashion is key. If you don’t respond or take a long time to do so, that will lead to a negative customer experience. Think about it. We are all making quick decisions, and there are a lot of other options at our fingertips. If I question your product and don’t respond, I can surely find another brand that offers a similar item and will answer my messages.

No matter how infrequent messages and comments are on your social media platforms, be sure to have someone ready to answer them promptly. The cost of losing a customer could be huge, and simply responding to their message can go a long way in terms of brand loyalty.

Point 2: Communicate with Customers After a Sale

Communication is key – even after you’ve secured a sale.

After someone purchases, an item from your brand or company, follow up within the next few days with a message to that buyer. Many eCommerce businesses don’t do this, so it can make you stand out.

What should this message entail? Ask the customer about them and their experience, including:

  • How was your shopping experience?
  • Do you like the product?
  • Did you get it in time?
  • Is there anything we could have done differently or better?

Some of your customers will respond to these questions, giving your clear ways and ideas to improve your business for ultimate customer satisfaction. And even if a customer doesn’t respond, at the very least, they will appreciate that the question was asked, further cultivating brand loyalty.

Point 3: Transform Your Customers into Influencers with UGC

The idea of being an influencer is appealing to most social media users, and you can tap into this desire with every customer.

So, how does the average customer become an influencer? All you have to do is ask them for user-generated content or UGC. Ask them to take pictures or videos using your products. This can create valuable content for future customers. It also makes the purchaser feel good as you asked them for their input with a simple favor.

Go the extra mile by reposting their content, tagging, and thanking them for their contribution. This will make the customer feel heard and included, and with that sense of inclusion, they are sure to come back and shop again.

Point 4: Work with Influencers

We can use UGC to make the average consumer into an influencer. Still, you can also tap into the real influencers, who have a range of experience in creating branded content, on your social media platforms.

Look at who your target customer is following, and tap into those influencers to share your products. Having trusted influencers create content for you will deepen the connection between you and your customers. Influencer marketing is great because the influencer will create valuable content. Customers will then see this recognizable face testifying on behalf of your product, creating a connection that makes them feel more secure in their purchase.

Point 5: Share Free Items

People love free stuff, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

How do we include this love for free stuff in our marketing tactics? By including a small trinket in every purchase. This unexpected and seemingly undeserved addition to purchase helps build up brand loyalty by going above and beyond. This adds value to a purchase, thanking a guest for shopping with you.

This is also great for when you’re asking a customer to create user-generated content for you. If you send them an additional bonus item completely free of charge, they are more likely than not to create the content you’re looking for.


Using our points to boost social media eCommerce, your business could be unstoppable, growing your reach and the depth of that reach to drive both sales and brand loyalty.

If you have any questions or don’t have the internal team to tackle our five different points, our team at Catapult Revenue can work with you and your unique business to drive social media conversions. To get started with us today, call us at 312-625-0447, or fill out our form online.

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