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8 Facebook Marketing Tips for Your eCommerce Store

8 Facebook Marketing Tips for Your eCommerce Store

Why Is Facebook Important for eCommerce?

With 2.85 billion users, Facebook is a business marketing asset that drives sales across borders via its integrated eCommerce functionality. Facebook for Business asserts that 40% of global eCommerce buyers start shopping online through Facebook Chat alone. In addition, this social network offers services that help to generates brand awareness and aid customer interaction. 

Facebook marketing for eCommerce lets stores sell directly on their platform and delivers data analytics for targeted advertising. Currently, Facebook has more than 200 million small businesses wielding its tools worldwide.

Below are some tips on how to leverage this social media giant’s immense market reach:  

8 Key Facebook Marketing Tips for eCommerce

Marketers agree that paid Facebook ads for eCommerce brands have a competitive edge over organic reach at every stage of the buyer’s funnel. eCommerce stores at the top of their game utilize the following tactics: 

Grab Attention with Visuals

An eCommerce brand’s visual identity must be unique and consistent in its messaging and quality. Visuals and text should look professional and attract leads, whether they’re infographics, photographs or videos. In general, video content performs well, with over 500 million viewers watching 100 million hours of Facebook video every day. Try to be familiar with the maximum and minimum content specs regarding video and image quality required for visuals to retain their high quality.

Don’t Forget about CTA

A call to action (CTA) is a key element in digital marketing that assists eCommerce businesses in converting a viewer into a lead. It is part of a webpage, advertisement, or a piece of content that drives various actions depending on the content’s goal. Never assume an audience will automatically know what to do. Instead, leads need to be nurtured. Practically, this might encourage a user to sign up to a mailing list, request a quote, or direct them to a different page to browse through selected sales items. 

Make Use of Different Formats

Facebook Ad Break monetizes video content just like YouTube, providing an incentive to produce video Facebook ads for eCommerce. Businesses can now earn money from Ad Break and product sales. In addition, Facebook and Messenger Stories are linked to Instagram, and this social network can accomplish just as much, if not more, than a traditional blog post, especially for visually-driven brands.

Special Offers for Your Followers

Promoting eCommerce on Facebook in the form of giveaways, discounts, and special offers can help to boost sales. For example, marketers create special FOMO content (which emphasizes a great loss of opportunity for not following its CTA) to encourage customers to act fast. They might have a super discounted flash sale for a limited time, for example, encouraging customers to make impulse purchases.

Know When to Post

Use insights from Facebook’s analytics to post at the peak times that offer maximum exposure. While aggregate studies suggest specific times, the best gauge is a brand’s individual data and industry relevance. Page owners and admins have comprehensive access to Facebook Insights to help determine which times are optimal for Facebook ads for eCommerce.

Sell Directly on Facebook

facebook for ecommerce

In 2020 eCommerce on Facebook was made easier with Facebook Shops. This integration allows businesses to sell directly on the platform rather than redirecting their customers to their eCommerce site. Third-party platforms like Shopify, and a host of others, can be used in tandem with Facebook’s shop. Direct sales place fewer hurdles in front of customers, making purchasing even more convenient.

Talk to Your Customers

Quick Facebook Chat permits customers to send messages directly to businesses via the Messenger live chat widget, providing an opportunity to turn conversations into conversions. The quicker a brand responds, the higher the chances a customer will do business with them. Brands that connect with their customers build better track records. And they don’t have to be online 24/7 – that’s what chatbots are for! Most online stores already have chat FAQs integrated into their Facebook Shops.

Monitor your Facebook Ads

An eCommerce Facebook ads strategy is the careful monitoring and tracking of campaigns because online trends and target audience behavior change. Monitoring campaigns while they are running enables businesses to edit copy and increase/decrease spending where necessary. Effective campaign management instantly reveals to businesses what is and isn’t working, so they can adapt accordingly. 

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    8 Facebook Marketing Tips for Your eCommerce Store

    Why Is Facebook Important for eCommerce? With 2.85 billion users, Facebook is a business marketing asset that drives sales across borders via its integrated eCommerce...

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