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We're eCommerce SEO agency driven by hard data to deliver increased transactions and sales.

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Increase Targeted Traffic and Grow Your Sales With eCommerce SEO Solutions

Do you need optimization services for your eCommerce website? 90% of online visitors begin their product research on search engines. Can they find your product? Do they land on your competitor’s website? Improve your organic search engine rankings to get a new level of sales! Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce addresses the challenges and is one of the most effective and affordable ways to grow your eCommerce store and boost your revenue.

Why SEO is so important for eCommerce store?


How can eCommerce be effective using Search Engine Optimization? Every online store, whether it’s brick and mortar or based online, requires a steady flow of quality organic traffic. For eCommerce stores, the Internet is a superhighway that can be leveraged to land new customers and increase repeat business. Online search engines audit your site with a set of complicated algorithms and tools to find and rank your website. So, working with an eCommerce SEO agency versed in-store optimization is crucial. We’ll raise your brand awareness, increase traffic, and in turn, generate more sales for your e-store. Our experts in online marketing SEO services work with the most popular CMS platform and can embed optimization processes on them.

Why SEO is so important for eCommerce store?
Our Results
Our Results
average organic traffic increase
average increase in transactions from SEO

Guaranteed Results for eCommerce Stores

With more than a decade of industry experience, we’ve honed our SEO strategies to deliver e-commerce stores tangible increases in traffic and transactions. Our 100% money-back guarantee is precedent-setting and won’t be found at any other eCommerce SEO company.*

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Ecommerce SEO Elements Designed to Achieve Results

We are more than an eCommerce SEO company and are truly invested in your business. Success requires intensive research. Our strategy is oriented to improve your on-page and off-page metrics. We start with a comprehensive audit using our proprietary, data-tracking software to assess your search-performance against the top competitors in your space. Using the top sales-driving search terms in your industry, our website SEO company establishes a baseline for website code and structure, local visibility, and off-site citations. All data are used to create an actionable plan that drives sales and achieves revenue goals. We are an SEO agency oriented toward your business goals. We are professional in the common white hat optimization process as keyword research, link building, technical analysis that we make to increase your online visibility and attract more potential customers.
An eCommerce SEO agency with years of technical acumen and experience working with Google, our team will optimize your website's structure, page-tuning, and schema markup. We constantly monitor progress and implement updates that will maximize your business performance. Optimizing a web-store we work with your whole marketing strategy and according to the needs of website design and product page optimization. Implementing an on-page strategy for a website we optimize your content for a good user experience not only for Google bot.
On-page optimization
On-page optimization
Every bit of written content on your site is an important part of on-page SEO for eCommerce stores and when done right captures a lot of organic traffic. Whether it's product page optimization, link-building, or a blog post, we'll optimize all forms of on-page content strategies that are leveraged to deliver qualified, ready-to-convert traffic to your store. We develop a content strategy to boost the conversion rate of websites not only for search engine optimization needs. Using long-tail keywords and the best content tips we can exactly find your target audience.
Link-building tactics
Link-building tactics
Backlinks are one of the three most important factors in how Google ranks your website. Our SEO solutions and eCommerce optimization services take a strategic approach to establish your domain dominance, in part by generating high-quality organic backlinks to your e-commerce store from other authoritative websites. We provide off-page tactics according to Google recommendations. Our web SEO agency doesn't use any black hat technique to avoid risks.
A digital marketing specialist or any eCommerce SEO specialist knows the impact positive reviews and testimonials will have on your traffic. With this in mind, we use well-honed strategies to collect the types of reviews most used by search engines to determine your product's "likability." This, in turn, drives more qualified traffic through your door. Product page optimization is an important point of our strategy.
PAGE SPEED optimization
PAGE SPEED optimization
All good technical SEO services provided by professional SEO firms factor in website speed because Google prioritizes websites with fast-loading pages. We’ll optimize your store to load quickly across all devices: desktop and mobile.
Do you know how much revenue you

Do you know how much revenue you're losing without organic traffic?

Learn about your current digital footprint and how your website is truly performing with a full technical audit, part of our comprehensive eCommerce SEO services. We’ll uncover missed digital marketing opportunities and provide a growth strategy to ramp up revenue.

Get a Complimentary Marketing Audit

Diverse Industries.
Common Challenges.

Our search engine optimization firm works with a wide array of eCommerce businesses and has helped tackle the very same challenges you face today. Take a closer look at some of our latest projects.

Blackhawk Supply

Supplier of high-caliber HVAC and control systems reaps an astounding increase in revenue with full eCommerce website redesign and digital marketing campaign

40%+ increase in revenue YOY
42% improvement in conversion rate
210% increase in targeted traffic from SEO
23% decrease in cost per sale
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Blackhawk Supply


World renowned manufacturer of luxury outerwear entrusts its eCommerce website to Catapult Revenue.

A fresh, high-cache eCommerce website that maximizes revenue
A focus on enhanced User Experience (UX)
Shoppers enjoy a new and better way to engage the Marmot brand
Read case study

American Tent

Manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, custom tents realizes full eCommerce potential with Catapult Revenue design and content marketing solutions.

110% increase in targeted traffic from SEO
25% Improvement in conversion rate
20% Improved cost per lead from PPC
Read case study
American Tent

Europa Eyewear

Well established maker and retailer of fashionable, attainable eyewear takes market by storm with award-winning eCommerce web design.

A high-performance, fully optimized eCommerce site that serves as the backbone for order placement and management by more than 1,000 distributors across U.S.
Luxurious yet approachable site with enhanced User Experience (UX) features
Seamlessly supports large inventory order placing as well as eCommerce processing
Enhanced User Experience (UX) that streamlines the online transaction process
Read case study
Europa Eyewear
Why Choose Catapult Revenue as Your eCommerce SEO Agency

Why Choose Catapult Revenue as Your eCommerce SEO Agency

  • We are the only agency in the industry that offers a 100% money-back SEO guarantee. We are the only agency in the industry that offers a 100% money-back SEO guarantee.
  • We carefully assess clients' data and tailor a strategic growth plan unique to their revenue goals.   We carefully assess clients' data and tailor a strategic growth plan unique to their revenue goals.
  • We have over a decade of experience in the eCommerce space. We have over a decade of experience in the eCommerce space.
  • We only take on new projects if we can document how we'll achieve that client's goals. We work together as your longterm partner. We only take on new projects if we can document how we'll achieve that client's goals. We work together as your longterm partner.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can SEO help your business grow?

When people (your prospects and existing customers) have questions or are interested in buying a product or service, they turn to Google for help in their search. E-commerce businesses can capture their share of this organic search traffic by being front-and-center on Google. Remember that your competitors are constantly vying for the top position on search engine results pages (SERP) and this is where SEO comes in.

Search Engine Optimization is fluid and constantly-evolving practice given search engine algorithms are complex and ever-changing. SEO services, simply put, is a set of strategies, tactics, and best practices which internet marketing SEO consultant using to help businesses like yours leverage digital content that search engines love and rank highly.

As mentioned above, Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, so to keep up, many businesses rely on SEO services like the ones we at Catapult Revenue deliver. It’s our job to be on the cutting edge of this game and know exactly how to frame your content so that Google ranks your business highly.

What can I expect from SEO?

The primary goal of an eCommerce SEO services is to increase your website’s organic traffic. Increasing relevant, quality traffic, in turn, boosts your conversions and thereby, sales.

How long does SEO take to see results?

Generating meaningful SEO results takes a moderate amount of time due to the nature of how search engine algorithms find and rank your website once your strategy has been deployed. It’s been our experience that any digital marketing agency that guarantees quick results and top rankings is misleading its clients because it’s simply not possible to dominate Google overnight.

A reasonable, realistic timeline for optimization campaigns to bear fruit varies depending on your business size, industry, budget, and specific needs, but on average our clients see meaningful results within 3-6 months. Certain highly competitive industries may take longer to garner traction due to the high demand for industry-specific keywords.

Why is SEO important in 2021?

A small business owner or marketing manager can certainly make some headway on their own when it comes to employing SEO best practices. Ongoing management, maintenance, and active promotion of an e-commerce store, however, is a complicated and time-consuming process. It requires design, development, copywriting, data-analytics, CRO strategies, and more to be successful. That’s why even hiring an eCommerce SEO consultant is not enough and it often makes the most sense to retain a professional digital marketing agency.

When Should I Start?

The old adages are true: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” (meaning it’s best to build SEO best practices into your e-commerce website while it’s being newly built), but on the other hand, if you have an existing website that has not been properly optimized for search engines from the get-go, the motto is “better late than never!”

The important thing is less when you start your eCommerce optimization campaign, but that you DO start one and maintain it long-term. It takes time to generate results from an organic campaign so consider it a critical investment in your business.

Do you guarantee results?

Catapult Revenue SEO advertising agency offers a guarantee unheard of in the industry and when it comes to eCommerce Search engine optimization services that’s no exception. We do guarantee that a certain number of key phrases (to be determined during your assessment) will rank on the first page of Google search results within the time allotted by our campaign. If they don’t rank, our internet marketing SEO company return your initial payment. Simple as that.

How much does eCommerce SEO Cost?

As with anything, the answer varies depending on your unique business factors and revenue goals. The budget for most Catapult Revenue clients falls within the $1,400-$4,200 range. Enterprise clients tend to trend higher. The best way to find out what a solid digital marketing plan might cost is to schedule a free, comprehensive assessment. Our eCommerce SEO consultants will give you an honest, straightforward quote as well as tell you more about our guarantee.

Looking for a holistic digital marketing approach?

SEO is just one of many techniques to help your store achieve better results.
Catapult Revenue also provides an all-inclusive turnkey solution for your digital marketing needs, including PPC, Content Marketing, and more. This powerful, integrative approach maximizes your success.

What Is Your SEO Campaign Plan?

What Is Your SEO Campaign Plan?

Tell us about your revenue goals and what you’re looking to achieve.
Chances are, our custom SEO campaigns can help.

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